About me

Software Engineer

I'm a former Staff Engineer at VMware Carbon Black, where I was the Architect and Lead Engineer on the Data Forwarder project. I'm a polyglot programmer; Golang and Typescript are my daily drivers. I'm passionate about the web, edge computing, distributed systems, and developer tooling. I'm currently seeking a new position. Please check out my resume or email me at [email protected].


Software engineer is just a job title. I've been hacking and building things with computers for over 20 years. I consider myself a well-rounded nerd. To paint a better picture: I've hardwired my house with Cat6 and run my own compute and network infrastructure, video surveillance, media services, and homelab from my basement.

Server Rack

Top to bottom: Ubiquiti 24 Port GB Switch, UDM Pro, Proxmox Server, NAS, Remote Gaming PC, Ubiquity Network Video Recorder, Tripplite UPS

Woodworking Hobbyist

I really enjoy making furniture and cabinets, as well as other box-shaped and non-box-shaped pieces. I mostly use a table saw, track saw, miter saw, and router. I use OpenScad and Autodesk Fusion to design my projects, leveraging programming for the mundane tasks like generating and optimizing cut lists. Currently, I'm working on a custom floating bed frame and a walnut headboard.

Amateur Musician

My journey with music started with the guitar at 10 years old and grew to include writing and producing my own music as well. I enjoy writing and recording and even released a song on Spotify with a former colleague. Recently, I've been playing my Taylor acoustic guitar in DADGAD tuning, but when I plug in, I reach for my 7-string fanned-fret Schecter. My taste ranges from LoFi to Metal.

Dog Dad

My partner Sam and I, share life with two incredible dogs—Ada, a spirited (though stubborn) Husky with piercing blue eyes and an impressive vocal range, and Piper, a gentle and loving Golden Retriever with a heart as gold as her coat. Whether we're exploring the great outdoors or cozying up at home, Ada and Piper fill every day with joy.

Ada and Piper

Ada (left) and Piper (right)