Playing with Elixir

Well I did a crap job about keeping up with this blog. Almost 5 months have gone by… I haven’t been doing nothing, though. I have been refactoring a CLI framework written in node that I started many months ago. But the past few days I have really been distracted by Elixir.

Overview of ES6 String Templates

Javascript string templates are a new feature of ECMAScript 6. They bring new (and long sought after) features to string such as variable (and expression) interpolation, white-space preservation and template tagging.

Rock 'em Sock 'em WebSockets

The following video features a talk I did at University Tech Meetups monthly Javascript Meetup. My talk covers a basic introduction to the WebSockets Javascript API as well as some bits of security and development concerns to consider when using WebSockets.

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I am a terrible blogger. I will get that right out of the way and say it. I have started multiple blogs. And I have let those blogs crumble away and die slow, painful deaths.