Connor McKelvey

Boulder, CO






2017 - Present
Software Engineer
CA Technologies — Boulder, CO
Working with multiple teams to build and maintain a BI Data Pipeline for SaaS and On-Prem Products
Technologies used: Kafka, Kubernetes, Clojure, Typescript, Rails, Python, and Go
  • Provided technical mentoring and onboarding to 4 associate engineers across 2 physical locations

  • Led technical phone screenings and on-site interviews for over 30 candidates resulting in 3 hires

  • Spearheaded release, licensing and team agreements for group's first open source project

  • Educated 5 teams across 3 locations on topics such as JS Promises, Bash, and Golang in regular COPs

  • Organized 3 quarterly Hackathon kick-offs, cross-site demos, and award ceremonies

  • Reduced frequency of vulnerabilities in Docker images with a Cron-based "base image" build system

  • Improved developer experience with custom tooling for doc generation and secret decryption

  • Developed a Cron-based system for backing up Grafana Dashboards to Github or AWS S3

2016 - 2017
Associate Software Engineer
CA Technologies — Boulder, CO
Developed a real-time productivity and task management tool within a cross-functional team
Technologies used: WebSockets, Typescript, React, Node.JS and PostgresQL
  • Reduced risks of rendering untrusted HTML emails in-browser with a "sandboxed" React component

  • Solved screen real-estate issues for horizontal menus with a responsive React component

2014 - 2016
Web Developer
Findsome & Winmore — Orlando, FL
Collaborated with designers and other developers on retail websites and applications
Technologies used: Wordpress, Node.JS, Rails, Angular, and React
  • Led discussions with stakeholders to plan and estimate the cost of client projects

  • Transitioned development team from SVN to Git for easier collaboration


2010 - 2013
B.A. Sociology
University of Central Florida — Orlando, FL
  • Minor in Cultural Anthropology, Certificate in Women's Studies

  • Active in Amnesty International and Knight's Advocates

  • Volunteered with UCF Victims Services and Harbor House of Central Florida


Languages and Libraries
Javascript, Elixir, Clojure, Python, Go, Ruby, Lua
NodeJS, React, OTP, Phoenix, Rails, OpenResty
Platforms and Infrastructure
AWS: ECS, Lambda, S3; GCP: Firebase, Pub/Sub, GKE
Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Kafka



Wordpress platform and development environment service. User's create a Wordpress stack in seconds and edit site files locally: Firebase, Kubernetes, PubSub, Electron, React, Typescript


Peer-to-peer encrypted messaging application based on the Chord Distributed Hash Table. Users can send messages to others who may be online or offline: Elixir, Erlang/OTP, DETS